• "John is a master – each generation and each country is lucky enough to have one
    or two that can lead the field in their chosen profession.John is that guy!

    Tony Magnus Owner/Director Classic Sportswear Pty Ltd
  • "His flexibility is also a special attribute, as he's literally mesmerising in
    his ability to jump from Pop Culture one minute to Heritage the next"

    John Dwyer Managing Director The Institute of WOW
  • You will notice our new logo for the Peter Brock Foundation. Our old friend, John Gearman,
    kindly donated his creative services and we are all thrilled with the result.

    Peter Brock Race legend and Australian Icon
  • Not only is he an outstanding and vastly experienced art director, but importantly
    he has a deep & instinctive understanding of marketing.

    John Sackson,CEO,WA Rugby League
  • "I have worked with John for over 20 years and have often been astounded
    at how quickly he can grasp an idea and convert it to a design"

    Max Cowan Marketing Manager Panthers World of Entertainment
  • " The reason I call John a creative genius" he just gets it!"

    Natasha Burton Director Scene Media
  • "John is Mr brand development. It's one thing to have an idea, but John takes that concept and
    gives life to a fully encompassing brand that spans across a wide range of audiences. "

    Nicholas Livermore Bid Director Brisbane Bombers Rugby League